Podcast zero - "Try THis"

What the heck are we doing? In Podcast Zero, hosts Susan Lambert Hatem and Sharon Johnson take you to the fabulous and exciting television past. Particularly, that special time in pop-culture and water-cooler conferences about television: the 1980s! 
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The Conversation

  • Jimmy Carter to President Ronald Reagan and ushering in the “Greed” decade.
  • The rise of cable television, CNN and the VCR.
  • Wait? An amusement park based on The World of Sid and Marty Krofft?
  • Why are we looking at female-driven television shows?
  • Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Remington Steele, Cagney and Lacey.
  • Fun, joy, nuggets of insight – Or just balderdash?
“Guess what? That third voice you hear in this episode is our producer, Melissa Roth!” If you need help understanding the 1980s, big haired women, or having only 3 network television stations to choose from, join us on this journey. If we’re going to be fabulous ladies of the 21st Century, we should know where we started. 
What the 1980s meant to America and to our own personal history.

Our Audio-ography

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80s TV Ladies™ Episode 000 – Podcast Zero: “Try This”
Produced by 134 West and Susan Lambert Hatem.
Edited by Kevin Ducey.
Producer: Melissa Roth.
Associate Producers: Megan McKiernan, Sergio Perez. 

Copyright 2022 Susan Lambert. All Rights Reserved.