Podcast 106 : "SCARECROW and MRS. KING AND Martha Smith"

Aka - Some Gals Have All The Luck!
Sharon and Susan talk with “Scarecrow & Mrs. King’s” one-and-only “Francine Desmond” – actress Martha Smith. Our conversation covers everything from her early days as a model for the Ford Motor Company to her “National Lampoon’s Animal House” adventures and finally to working on the show she first knew only as “The Secret Kate Jackson Project” – we’ll find out why Martha Smith truly is the “Gal With All The Luck”!  Along the way, we’ll discuss…
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The Conversation

  • Brunching with John Belushi! Touring with Rod Stewart!
  • Posing for Playboy Playmate of the Month!
  • The “other” spy show that almost happened: “Ebony, Ivory and Jade” (1979) with Bert Convy and Debbie Allen.
  • Going undercover with Kate Jackson in Martha’s all-time favorite episode, “Life of the Party” aka Maids.
  • The shelved script from Season 2 (“A Matter of Choice”) that was dusted off for the end of Season 4 – and finally gave Francine a boyfriend - and an apartment!
  • Francine’s on-screen adventures in Europe – and Martha’s off-screen ones, too! (Who were those German men Bruce Boxleitner keeps teasing her about, anyway?)
Plus: We talk about how she stood up for herself (and her character, Francine) as the show – and showrunners – kept changing; and everything from divorces to motorcycle accidents to… Bruce Boxleitner and “The Hooker Routine”?!  

Join us on our deep-dive into all things Francine and Mrs. King with the impressive, irreverent and irreplaceable Martha Smith! 

Our Audio-ography

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When Women Invented Television by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

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80s TV Ladies™ Episode 106 - “Scarecrow and Mrs. King and Martha Smith.”
Produced by 134 West and Susan Lambert Hatem.
Hosted by Susan Lambert Hatem and Sharon Johnson.
Guest: Martha Smith.
Sound Engineer and Editor: Kevin Ducey.
Editor: Chris Stachiw.
Producer: Melissa Roth.
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Music by Amy Engelhardt.
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