Podcast 109 : Writing Remington Steele with Robin Bernheim – Part two

But did they?Join Part Two of our interview with TV writer/producer Robin Bernheim, to discover the complicated answer to the burning question: Did Stephanie Zimbalist and Pierce Brosnan get along while filming “Remington Steele”?
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The Conversation

  • Laura vs. Remington: Who got the most screen-time? Who got to drive the car? And whose show was it, anyway?
  • How did a writing staff of mostly men handle writing a female voice?
  • An episode where Laura Holt poses nude?? The script, Stephanie Zimbalist’s reaction – and the re-writes that followed...
  • Being “one of the boys” with Michael Gleason and Brad Kern: vodka, cigars… and barfing.
  • Writing Quantum Leap -- and the good (and bad) side of working for producer Donald Bellisario.
  • Writing and producing “The Princess Switch” -- with three versions of Vanessa Hudgens!
Along the way we talk about watching “Moonlighting”, “The Boys”, “Silicon Valley” and “Murphy Brown”; writing “Star Trek” and “When Calls The Heart”; and how one very dedicated fan took a favorite line of Robin’s – and had it tattooed on her arm! 

Join Susan and Sharon as we get Robin to explain about thriving in the writer’s room, pitching from the Ladies Room and what to do when Pierce Brosnan calls you “Boo”! 

PLUS – fan shoutouts, fan mail and fan love from all over the world for our own “80’s TV Ladies”!

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Steel Loved After All These Years: A Remington Steele Retrospective by Judith A. Moose

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