Podcast 108 : Writing Remington Steele with Robin Bernheim – Part One

From Remington Steele to Princess Switch -Susan and Sharon sit down with legendary television writer Robin Bernheim. Robin’s career began in her mid-twenties with the “Remington Steele” episode “Steele in the Chips”, co-written with series star and long-time friend Stephanie Zimbalist. In a career spanning five decades, Robin has gone on to write and produce episodes of “MacGyver”, “Matlock”, “Quantum Leap”, “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, “Star Trek: Voyager” and “Mystery 101”. Robin is the creator, writer and executive producer of Netflix’s hit “Princess Switch” franchise starring Vanessa Hudgins. 

In Part One of our wide-ranging two-part conversation with Ms. Bernheim, we touch on…
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The Conversation

  • How almost dying in a plane crash led Robin to a forty-year career writing for television.
  • Schoolmates and BFFs: how Robin and Stephanie met and became friends at Marlborough, a private all-girl prep-school in Los Angeles.
  • Why NBC was so afraid of the "cookie" episode (fan favorite “Steele in the Chips”) – that they delayed airing it until the end of the season.
  • That same episode’s all-star guest cast – including Geena Davis and Jean Smart!
  • The Adventures of Being the Only Woman in the Writer’s Room, including: “The Mystery of The Secret Meetings in the Men’s Room”, “The Incredible Disappearing Assigned Parking Space” and of course “The Looming Glass Ceiling!”
  • How Robin and Stephanie’s house in LA was the model for Laura Holt’s house in “Remington Steele” -- and what it was like to watch that house blow-up in Season 2, episode 3 – “Red Holt Steele”
So join Susan and Sharon as we dig deep into doubles, delicious cookies and dirty jokes in the writers room in Part One of our two-part Interview with Robin Bernheim.  And make sure to tune in next time for Part Two where we answer the cliff-hanging question: Did Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist really get along on set (and off)  – or not??  

PLUS! An 80’s TV LADIES Holiday Shout-Out:  Spooky Halloween Episodes to watch from some of your favorite 80s shows including “Facts of Life”, “Roseanne”, and “Laverne & Shirley”!

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80s TV Ladies™ Episode 108 – “Writing Remington Steele with Robin Bernheim – Part One”
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Guest: Robin Bernheim.
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