Podcast 114: “Remington Steele: Making it Happen with Jerram Swartz”

Susan and Sharon sit down with “Remington Steele” assistant director Jerram Swartz. In a career spanning 5 decades, Jerram has worked on movies including “E.T.: The Extraterrestrial” and “The Blues Brothers” as well as 80’s TV classics such as “The A-Team”, “Cagney & Lacey” and “Riptide”. In this episode, he shares stories about the fun, excitement and controversy of working on the fifth – and final – season of “Remington Steele”.
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The Conversation

  • Susan and Sharon’s fav Season 4 & 5 episodes and guest stars (Louie Anderson and Terry O’Quinn!).
  • Pierce and Stephanie and the “Cancelled-and-then-NOT-cancelled” blues…
  • How Stephanie Zimbalist almost starred in “Robocop”!
  • What really happened with Pierce Brosnan’s whole “James Bond Thing” (and yes, he really was upset….)
  • Jack Scalia as Laura Holt’s new love interest “Tony Roselli”. Was the plan to eventually replace Pierce with him??
  • Shooting Season 5 in Dublin, Ireland -- and Pasadena, CA…
  • Learning to tap dance from “Barnaby Jones” star Buddy Ebsen.
  • Getting punched by Robert Shaw on the set of “Swashbuckler”!
  • Hanging with Kevin “the smart one” Tighe and Randolph “the sexy one” Mantooth on “Emergency!”
  • Crashing cars into toy stores for “The Blues Brothers”.
  • Being Mae West’s date to a studio screening of “Jaws”.
  • Good times over the years working with TV ladies favs: Stephanie Zimbalist, Tyne Daly, Christina Applegate, Melissa McCarthy, Ellen Burstyn, Jacqueline Bisset and many others…
Join Susan, Sharon and Jerram as they talk Buck Rogers, Walt Disney and traveling the world with a very special Kermit the Frog!

Our Audio-ography

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80s TV Ladies™ Episode 114 – “Remington Steele: Making it Happen with Jerram Swartz”
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