Episode 232: Welcome New Listeners! April 8TL Mailbag + In Memorium

The Best Indie Podcast nomination IS the award! Susan and Sharon thank ALL the listeners who came out to support “80’s TV Ladies” as Best Indie Podcast for the WEBBY AWARDS. A big welcome to all our new listeners! And a sincere thank you to all who voted and to our listeners who reached out.
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The Conversation

BIG THANKS to our friends who shouted us out, including:

  • Chris Stachiw from Weirding Way Media Network and the Kulturecast Podcast.
  • Scott Philbrook and Forrest Burgess of the Astonishing Legends podcast.
  • Richard Hatem of Richard Hatem’s Paranormal Bookshelf podcast.
  • And an extra special thank you to TikTok superstar and creator of Phineas and Ferb, Dan Povenmire, and all his fans.  

All of you went the extra mile to support us and bring new listeners to the show, so THANK YOU! And of course, the biggest thank you of all -- TO OUR LOYAL FANS!

Listen in on the first official 8TL Mailbag, where we get feedback, answer questions, and get feedback from you, our fans! PLUS—an April 2024 “In Memorium Salute.”

Our Audio-ography

Check out our mention in the Webby Nominee Press Release. We’re 26 lines above Michelle Obama. 

Watch Matt Baume’s YOUTUBE Channel episode “Bewitched: It Was Gay All Along?

Listen in on the new podcast, Richard Hatem’s Paranormal Bookshelf

And Chris Stachiw’s movie review podcast, The Kulturecast.

Explore the world of Scott Philbrook & Forrest Burgess’s Astonishing Legends podcast.

Find Dan Povenmire on TikTok And Twitter.

Watch Hamster and Gretel and Phineas and Ferb.

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Find more cool podcasts at our host sight, Weirding Way Media.

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Produced by 134 West and Susan Lambert Hatem. Hosted by Susan Lambert Hatem and Sharon Johnson.  Sound Engineer and Editor: Kevin Ducey. Producer: Melissa Roth. Associate Producer: Sergio Perez. Music by Amy Engelhardt. Copyright 2024 134 West, LLC and Susan Lambert. All Rights Reserved.


EP 232_April 8TL Mailbag + In Memorium Transcript

From 80s TV Ladies: Welcome New Listeners! April 8TL Mailbag + In Memorium, Apr 23, 2024


This material is protected by copyright.

80s TV Ladies Ep. 232 - April 8TL Mailbag + In Memorium Transcript 

Melissa Roth: Weirding Way Media

[Singing] Amy Englehardt: 80s TV Ladies, So sexy and so pretty. 80s TV Ladies, Steppin’ out into the city. 80s TV Ladies, often treated kind of sh-[wolf whistle]. Working hard for the money in a man’s world. 80s TV Ladies!

“Welcome to 80s TV Ladies with your hosts, Sharon Johnson and Susan Lambert Hatem.

Hello, I'm Sharon.

And I'm Susan. Welcome to our new listeners, and thank you everyone for supporting this show and for voting last week.

A lot has happened in the last two weeks. So even though we're not a timely podcast, we picked up quite a few new listeners and followers this week because of several happenings.

First, we were nominated for a Webby Award for Best Indie Podcast. Hey, Sharon, do you know who else was nominated for a Webby Award in some other categories?

Well, I think someone that you may have heard of, like Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama?

Indeed. And another person you may have heard of, Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift was also nominated for a Webby Award?

She sure was.

With us? I also heard her boyfriend, who's that guy? Jesse Kelsey, the cool football guy.

Come on, Sharon, help me on here.

Susan, Travis Kelsey.

Oh, well, they were both nominated in different categories for a Webby, as well as President Barack Obama and Ryan Gosling.

Apparently, this is a fun, big deal. The 28th Webby Awards are overseen by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, the IADAS, category span websites, advertising, PR, apps, games, media, and of course, podcasts. We're nominated for Best Indie Podcast, so we're not in the same category as maybe some of the other folks we've been mentioned, but we were all nominated.

We were all nominated. This year's awards received almost 13,000 entries from all 50 states and more than 70 countries. We find out the Webby results today, Sharon, April 23rd.

That's right now. So right now we might even know today whether we're winners or one of those really cool nominees that means it's great to be nominated, which it is. It is, but you know what, Sharon, we're all winners.

I think us, the Obamas, Julia, Louise Dreyfus, Olivia Rodrigo, even if none of us win an actual Webby today, we're all listed on the same press release for nominees with all of them. So I'm feeling pretty high, pretty hot on the collar.

I don't know. Listen, truly congratulations to all the nominees and the winners today. And thank you to the IADAS and the Webby Awards for honoring Indy Podcast and giving the little gals a chance.

I know, and you know, I'm super grateful no matter what has happened today. And we still don't know. I mean, we know now when you're listening to this, but we didn't know when we recorded it.

And we have had so many wonderful people helping us out the last couple of weeks, our own Weirding Way Media Network and WWM's co-founder Chris Stachiw of the Kulturecast.

The team at Astonishing Legends, the kings of the most awesome paranormal podcast kingdom, Scott Philbrook and Forrest Burgess shouted us out on their podcast, which was super wonderful.

And I am a producer on and wife to Richard Hatem of the Richard Hatem's Paranormal Bookshelf. And I think a few people might be showing up here because of that. So welcome to 80s TV Ladies.

I think I'm pretty cool, but I'm not sure I'm as cool as Rich makes me sound on his show.

She actually is as cool as he makes herself. 


But you will not get as much personal information from us on this show that you get on Rich's show. And for our listeners that don't know what I'm even talking about, I highly recommend you go find Richard Hatem's Paranormal Bookshelf. It is like no other podcast I've ever listened to.

I am a producer on it. I am married to him, but I gotta tell you, it's really quite special. Come for the books, stay for the surprising amount of oversharing.

I'm not married to him and I'm not a producer on the show and I love it, so please give it a chance. And then finally, Dan Povenmire, the creator of Phineas and Ferb, also sent a TikTok to his followers and fans to get them to vote for us, for the Webbies. Thank you for all who did that.

And welcoming any fans that came this way because of Dan. This is not an animation podcast, though we will cover animation, and maybe we'll have Dan on the show at some point so we can talk about 80s television, because I know he was inspired by 80s TV.

Dan Povenmire and I go way back to college and to the days when he was sleeping in his car and on my couch and selling his comic book, Life is a Fish on the Streets. I am, of course, a huge fan of him and his shows. I have to say, I heard about Phineas and Ferb way back before it was even a thing when he was pitching it and drawing it on napkins.

And I got to see an early animatic pitch for Hamster and Gretel and shared it with my kids all before they were picked up. So that's some pretty special Dan Povenmire inside scoop for you.

So if you're looking for totally fabulous 80s content or cool content about television, pop culture, with a little society thrown in, this might be a really great podcast for you. So hit that follow and let's see what happens.

And Sharon, for all those paranormal fans, we'll be talking about the X-Files and Scully played by Gillian Anderson. And you know, because that was a unique and spectacular female role from 90s TV.”

“We already talked this season with Matt Baume about Bewitched, which starred two amazing and fabulous witches, Samantha and Dora, played respectively and respectably by Elizabeth Montgomery and Agnes Moorhead.

I love those actresses and you can tell I'm reaching for our paranormal content by claiming that. But we just touched on the show in our queer TV episode, which you should check out with Matt Baume. And we also did one with Rainbow Remix.

And you know, I learned a lot of stuff in both of those episodes that I did not know, especially that if you replace witch folk with queer folk in Bewitched, it's coded pretty gay that show.

Indeed. So for anyone new coming aboard, welcome. Pull up a chair or stay in your car or keep walking, doing laundry, whatever you do when you listen to podcasts.

We cover female-driven television shows from the 1980s from a modern feminist perspective.

And we have on special guests from stars in front of the camera to many people behind the camera, above and below the line, the men and women who are responsible for making and loving these amazing shows. 

That's who we try to get on this show. And we often are successful.

We've been amazingly successful, surprisingly wonderfully successful. And sometimes it's just Susan and I talking with an occasional insightful interjection from our producer, Melissa Roth, who makes sure we stay on track and on time.

But not today, Sharon. Melissa is out of town, so we're kind of off the leash. Who knows what we could talk about and who knows what we can be doing today?

We might be doing cartwheels. We might be saying all sorts of things we shouldn't be because Melissa is not here to stop us.

Well, she doesn't really stop us. Often she encourages us.

Okay, Sharon, that is true. But what is the fun in saying that we just miss Melissa?

Well, we do, we definitely miss Melissa. It's very strange that she's, when she's not here. So in any event, check back in our catalog.”

“If you remember any of the following shows, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Remington Steele, Cagney and Lacey.

Nine to five, It's a Living. More Scarecrow and Mrs. King, because we covered that too. Some TV herstory experts and podcasters, queer representation experts, and even WGA Writers Guild and Strike Captains.

Do you remember Designing Women? Do you remember Moonlighting? We've also covered those shows as well.

And coming up, we'll wrap season two by looking at the groundbreaking show, A Different World, and talking with the people who made it. We have some great guests coming up.

I cannot wait. And Sharon, you know, season two, this season we're in right now, for which we've been nominated for a Webby. Just gonna throw that out there again, because maybe we won a Webby.

You never know.

Maybe we didn't win a Webby, but it's really, really, really great to be nominated.”


But this has been our longest season we've ever done out of two seasons. I originally, I thought, oh, it'll be fun to do 23 episodes in season two, because that was typically the season order for 80s television shows. They would do between 20 and 26 episodes, but I think the standard was 23.


Yes, yes, we've gone way over that, because we had to add moonlining into the season. Poor us.

Poor us, we had to talk to Glenn Gordon-Karen, we had to talk to Cheryl Main, we had to talk to so many amazing people. Anyway, we will be doing at least 28 episodes in season two. I don't think I'm ever going to do that again.

It's a double size season, Sharon. I think we can't, I think we bit off a little more than we could properly chew.

Well, maybe not, we were close, but I think we managed to get through it all, despite all the extra work that we lovingly undertook and put together a really great season for our listeners.”

“It is true, I'm really proud of this season. It has been so much fun talking to everybody. Soon, we will be announcing some of the shows we plan to cover in season three.

We're cooking up some exciting things for 80s TV Ladies. What shows do you, dear listener, think we should cover? Email us at 80sTVLadies at gmail.com.

That's 80sTVL-A-D-I-E-S at gmail.com. Or visit 80stvladies.com to let us know what 80s Ladies television shows we should be talking about for season three.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming for the people we love and who support us.

Oh my gosh, Sharon, we have so many listeners to also thank, who I know voted for us, and who have reached out to us on email, YouTube, the website, Facebook, and then we went on holidays, and then we went to PodFest, and then we went to podcast movement. And so we're absolutely, totally behind in shouting out our fans, and we love to do that because we love our listeners. And I hope you know, dear listeners, that we are always thinking of you, and we love hearing and reading your comments and your emails, even if it takes us a long time to get back to you or shout you out.

We're catching up though. All right, so are we calling it Mailbag?

80s TV Ladies Mailbag.

80s TV Ladies Mailbag. Should we see what's in the 80s TV Ladies Mailbag?

Yes, please.

That was my in-room sound effects that Kevin will replace with something that sounds like opening an envelope. All right, so from YouTube, I want to shout out Cathy and her mini Aussie, 1949, for her comment on our 80s fashion with costume designer Eilish Zabrasky episode. Thank you, Cathy.

We also heard from Alice T about the Scarecrow and Mrs. King episode with Martha Smith. She said, have to say Martha did a great job as Francine Desmond. Love SMK.

Don't we all?”

“Yes, we do. And on YouTube, my friend Larry Gonzalez has so many great comments. And I called him Larry G once before, and Larry said, nope, you gotta say my whole name.

I've known Larry for a long time. Thank you for listening. And Larry has incredible comments and a lot of information.

I think Larry should have his own podcast because he knows everything about the Beatles and 70s and 80s music and television. And so his comments are always really informative. So check out the one at Favorite TV Theme Songs with What Difference Does It Make, Padcast.

That's one of his favorite episodes.

He also was a big fan of our It's a Living episode with Paul Kreppel. Loved our interview with Paul.

All right, so keep him coming. I want to shout out to TL. Thank you so much again for name checking everyone on Facebook of our 1980s ABC promo that we posted.”

“You put everybody up there and gave us all the names of everyone who appeared and it was just so great. And I'm so grateful that you're enjoying the show and sort of exploring these shows with us on Facebook.

Next up is Carolyn H who loved the conversation with Stephanie Zimbalist and is looking forward to watching her Remington Steel DVDs again. Can't say I blame her.

And a big shout out to our Patreon supporter, Kate. Thank you so much for listening. Thank you so much for supporting.

I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you when Sharon and Melissa did get to meet you at the Scarecrow Mrs. King 40th reunion episode, episode? Event, but I'm someday, one day we'll have a meetup. Thank you so much.

Next of course is Anne, your sister.

That's not my sister. Oh, it is.

Great thanks to Anne, another one of our wonderful Patreon supporters for her comments about how much she loves the show and we love her. So please keep listening.”

“And she also wanted us to cover Too Close for Comfort, which we do talk about and Nancy DeSault, which we haven't really talked about, but there's lots of terrific actresses on that. And we are very excited for her to hear our upcoming episodes and that she's a patron. Thank you for supporting the arts and 80s TV Ladies.

We're reaching way back into the mail bag.

We gotta get down to the bottom of the bag.

We'll never get down to the bottom of the bag, but we gotta get through the bag.

We also heard from Ginger, who had found an article in which Tyne Daly gives her word for the 21st century. If you recall from our conversation with her, Susan and I provided the word we thought described the 21st century, but we neglected to make sure that we got Tyne's response. And according to this article, the word of the 21st century from Tyne is remote.

Now we all know.

Yes. And a big shout out to Ginger, who's also a good supporter and fan of the show, and a really, really big shout out to Tyne Daly, and we're wishing her lots of love.

Yes. Yes. Okeydoke.

Thank you, dear listeners.

So we'll have more 80s TV Ladies Mailbag coming up, and we want to hear from you. We are going to be joining the world of TikTok.

We're on there, but we haven't made any posts in a long time because we're, I like to say I'm an early adopter, late updater.

Well, we're still getting up to speed with TikTok and figuring out how we really want to use it.

Yeah. So if you have any suggestions or if you're on TikTok, let us know and start following us there. And we will try to follow you back as soon as we figure out how all of that works.

We will. So look for more TikTok from us at tiktok.com/80stvladies, I think. Is that how TikTok works?

Just search it at 80s TV Ladies. Look for the two ladies who know what they're doing.

I think it's time for an In Memorium, Okie doke.”

“So we've lost some wonderful 80s TV Ladies recently. Our goal at 80s TV Ladies is to celebrate and highlight the history and accomplishments of women in television, particularly those who don't always get as much credit as they deserve. So we salute the following 80s TV Ladies in Memorium.

  • Cheetah Rivera.
  • Joyce Randolph.
  • Lynn Marta.
  • Ruth Ashton-Taylor.
  • April Ferry.
  • Glenis Johns.
  • Cindy Morgan.
  • And Shirley Anfield. 

We'll have links in our description for why those ladies are shouted out.

And where you can find out more about them. 

For today's audiography, our former guest Matt Baume has a YouTube channel where he does quick dives into various types of TV shows. And we'd like to recommend that you take a quick look at the one called Bewitched.

It was gay all along. So we'll have a link in our show description that will take you right to it.”

“And of course, the podcast I'm going to shout out today is once again, Richard Hatem's Paranormal bookshelf.com. You can find it there or wherever you listen to your podcast. Just search Richard Hatem's Paranormal Bookshelf.

Pretty much if you get to Richard Hatem, you'll probably just come right up.

Give it a listen. It's really great. On our next episode, we're continuing our Directing Ladies series with the incredibly smart, award-winning, ceiling-shattering director, writer and producer, Jan Eliasberg.

Miss Eliasberg's first TV directing job was on one of our favorite shows, Cagney and Lacey.

She was the first female director for Miami Vice, Crime Story and 21 Jump Street. She's got some great stories for us, so we look forward to sharing that with you.

You do not want to miss it. Hey, and tell a friend and join us. And let's all go see if we've won a Webby Award.

Oh, goodness.”

“But it's always nice to be nominated.

Oh, it's fantastic to be nominated. Are you kidding? There are how many thousands and thousands of indie podcasts that weren't nominated.

I know. So, wow.

You should listen to all five that were nominated.


They're all cool.

As always, we hope 80s TV Ladies brings you joy and laughter and lots of fabulous new and old shows to watch, all of which lead us forward toward being amazing ladies of the 21st century. Thanks, guys!”

[Singing] Amy Englehardt: 80s TV Ladies, So sexy and so pretty. 80s TV Ladies, Steppin’ out into the city. 80s TV Ladies, often treated kind of sh-[wolf whistle]. Working hard for the money in a man’s world. 80s TV Ladies!

From 80s TV Ladies: Welcome New Listeners! April 8TL Mailbag + In Memorium, Apr 23, 2024


This material is protected by copyright.