Episode 231: “Moonlighting | Our Top 8 Favorite Episodes”

Back to our episode: Sharon and Susan burst into the Blue Moon Detective Agency and hire Maddie and David to help them answer ONE BURNING QUESTION: What are their Top 8 favorite episodes of the entire series?
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The Conversation

  • WHAT WAS HE THINKING? Glen Gordon Caron had a secret plan for what he wanted Moonlighting to do to network television: he wanted to kill the detective genre once and for all!
  • Why were the seasons so short? Well, there was a little problem with getting episodes done on time...
  • If Maddie was the “parent” and David was the “child” -- did David ever grow up?
  • Is the show feminist? Or progressive? Susan and Sharon have thoughts!
  • Why is the agency always broke? Maybe it’s all those people in the office who don’t do anything!
  • That time when Susan got thrown off the set of The A-Team by George Peppard!
  • Which Season of Moonlighting is the Moonlighting-est?
  • What the hell happened with Season 4?? Warring stars, a missing showrunner -- and Die Hard!

So join Susan and Sharon as they talk Dirk Benedict, Cybill Shepherd, Bruce Willis, Melissa’s candy, The Princess Bride -- and the challenges of producing a show AND a baby at the same time!

Our Audio-ography

What are YOUR favorite Moonlighting episodes?  Let us know!!

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