Episode 230 ENCORE: "Revisit Cagney & Lacey with Sharon Gless"

Encore! Encore! In celebration of the premiere of Cagney & Lacey 42nd years ago this week, here is a look back at the special Sharon Gless interview we dropped one year ago today!
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The Conversation

  • The moment Sharon Gless knew she wanted to be an actress – and knew she would not fail
  • “The first feminist I ever met…” -- Barney Rosenzweig??
  • How Cagney and Lacey we’re NEVER friends.
  • How Sharon was actually the VERY FIRST person approached to play Christine Cagney – and why she turned it down.
  • Earning $186 a week as the last contract player at Universal.
  • “The Woman Behind the Woman”: how talent manager Monique James left her position as VP at MCA/Universal to become Sharon’s personal manager – and changed her life.
  • Being forced to watch herself on film to learn what she was doing right -- and wrong.
  • Hashing out billing, and rehearsing her first table read as Cagney, with Tyne Daly over a bottle of champagne.
  • Why Christine Cagney wanted to be first through the door with a gun.
  • Improvising and window shopping for the Cagney & Lacey main titles.
  • Participating with Tyne Daly and Gloria Steinem in the 2004 Women’s March on Washington –- and seeing the true impact of “Cagney & Lacey” for the first time.
  • Being Stephen J. Cannell’s “good luck charm!”
  • Falling in love with Debbie Novotny on “Queer as Folk”.

So join Susan, Sharon – and Sharon Gless -- as they talk poker nights with Tyne, the “C”-word, the other “C”-word -- and what did she really say to that flasher?

Our Audio-ography

Official website: SharonGless.com

Sharon Gless Facebook page.

Sharon Gless’ autobiography “Apparently There Were Complaints” at Bookshop

Watch the trailer for Sharon’s Award-winning documentary - Show Her The Money


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