Episode 226: The Making of Moonlighting | Glenn Gordon Caron, Part 1

“They said I could do whatever I want. So I thought, I’ll write a boy-girl detective show that kills this stupid genre.” – Glenn Gordon Caron, creator of Moonlighting
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The Conversation

  • 300 SONGS in 66 episodes – the MANY hurdles of getting the music rights for Moonlighting for the Hulu broadcasts.
  • Glenn’s first pilot turned out to be for a little actor named… James Stewart.
  • Steven Bochco asked Glenn to come work on his new show, then called Hill Street Station: “I said no – this is never gonna go.”
  • On the crazy tone of Moonlighting: “I’m showing the episodes to my youngest child, who’s fourteen. He’s come to believe that I’m mentally ill.”
  • Cybill Shepherd signed on to Moonlighting -- after reading only half the pilot!
  • On casting the role of David Addison: “I brought Bruce Willis in to audition eleven times. They rejected him ten times.”
  • The role of David Addison’s brother was originally written for… David Lee Roth?!
  • GETTING PAST THE CENSORS: ABC censors wouldn’t allow David & Maddie to say “frig”. But “fig”? Um, Okay.
  • On being a maverick: “I was young and arrogant and didn’t care about my reputation. I would live to regret that.”

So, join Susan and Sharon – and Glenn – as they talk Aaron Spelling, Pierce Brosnan, Peter Peter Bogdanovich, 100-page scripts, directing Orson Wells – and getting kicked by nuns!

Our Audio-ography

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Check out the Moonlighting fan website, DavidandMaddie.com 

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80s TV Ladies™ Episode 226: “The Making of Moonlighting | Glenn Gordon Caron, Part 1” Produced by 134 West and Susan Lambert Hatem. Hosted by Susan Lambert Hatem and Sharon Johnson. Guest: Glen Gordon Caron.  Sound Engineer and Editor: Kevin Ducey. Producer: Melissa Roth. Associate Producer: Sergio Perez. Music by Amy Engelhardt. Copyright 2024 134 West, LLC and Susan Lambert. All Rights Reserved.