Episode 219: Designing Women With Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, Part Two

Susan and Sharon continue their discussion with the creator of Designing Women, Linda Bloodworth-Thomason (plus Evening Shade, Hearts Afire).
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The Conversation

  • LOVE IS IN THE AIR: We get the inside scoop on the real-life romances between the cast members of Designing Women and their male co-stars.
  • When CBS refused to cast Delta Burke as Suzanne Sugarbaker – and only changed their minds three days before the pilot was shot!
  • How Julia and Suzanne Sugarbaker’s mother was almost played by Elizabeth Taylor!
  • DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH: How Linda and casting director Fran Bascom discovered Jean Smart and Annie Potts -- playing a pair of Arkansas diamond thieves… in Amsterdam?!?
  • The president of CBS actually apologized for Designing Women at the network upfronts in New York – and was booed by the press who had seen the pilot and loved it!
  • “KILLING ALL THE RIGHT PEOPLE”: How a comment Linda overheard while caring for her mother who was dying of AIDS led her to write one of her most memorable scripts.
  • SEND THE MESSENGER! Most of the first season scripts were written by Linda on the weekend before they were shot.
  • The telegram Oprah Winfrey sent Linda that she still has to this day.
  • “RESERVATIONS FOR EIGHT” – this “Battle of the Sexes” episode is a favorite of Sharon’s – and Linda’s!

So join Susan and Sharon – and Linda – as they talk therapy, Dolly Parton, southern racism -- and Designing Women: The Play!

BONUS EPISODE COMING: Find us THIS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1st --With special guest, television writer/producer Stan Zimmerman (“Gilmore Girls” “Golden Girls”), talking about “The Girls”, working with Rosanne, Betty White, and most recently – writing the new Lifetime Network movie, Ladies of the 80’s: A Diva’s Christmas!

Our Audio-ography

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