Episode 209: "It’s A Living with Paul Kreppel"

“Sonny Mann is a guy with great talent -- but no taste” – Paul Kreppel Continuing their deep dive into “It’s A Living”, Susan and Sharon sit down with beloved Tony award-winner, actor and director Paul Kreppel, known to 80s TV lovers as the “always on the make” singer and piano player ‘Sonny Mann’ on “It’s A Living”.
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The Conversation

  • INTO THE WOODS we have to go! -- what it’s like to travel the country performing in the new Broadway production of Stephen Sondheim’s classic musical.
  • Paul plays several musical instruments – just not the piano!
  • ‘Sonny Mann’ was an afterthought – he was only supposed to be in six episodes. So how’d he end up doing all 120??
  • Getting the Job: Paul’s manager heard that “It’s A Living” needed a lounge lizard – “Do you know how to be a jerk?”
  • How Sonny always “walked up to the line” -- but the ladies never let him cross it…
  • No Audience, No Network, No Problem –doing the last four seasons was totally different from the first two!
  • The Big Question – were there any backstage romances? Well, there was plenty of flirting…
  • Why Sonny started singing original tunes – written by head writer Tom Whedon!
  • PARSLEY, SAGE, ROSEMARY, AND PAUL: Going beatnik on “Laverne & Shirley” -- with Penny Marshal, Cindy Williams and... Art Garfunkel!
  • The Other Side of the Camera – Paul steps out from behind the piano to direct six episodes of “It’s A Living”!
  • Getting to “be the sage” – and other benefits of growing older and having a life.

So join Susan and Sharon – and Paul – as they talk Jerry Lewis, Louise Lasser, Martin Short, Bob Denver's hat -- and Tom Hanks’ hair!

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80s TV Ladies™ Episode 209: ‘It’s A Living’ with Paul Kreppel’
Produced by 134 West and Susan Lambert Hatem.
Hosted by Susan Lambert Hatem and Sharon Johnson.
Guests: Paul Kreppel.
Sound Engineer and Editor: Kevin Ducey.
Producer: Melissa Roth.
Associate Producer: Sergio Perez.
Music by Amy Engelhardt.
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